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Cty TNHH Giang Minh Ngn, 172/16 Đặng V Ngữ, PN, Tel. 9138831, 0919839059:
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Item : Cty TNHH Giang Minh Ngn, 172/16 Đặng V Ngữ, PN, Tel. 9138831, 0919839059:
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   Item Description:
  ■ Cty TNHH Giang Minh Ngn, 172/16 Đặng V Ngữ, PN, Tel. 9138831, 0919839059:
■ MT Ng V Thủ, Q.1, 4,5x16, 2L, 1400$ BT, TL; MTNB Trần Cao Vn, 4x13, 2L, 1000$, TL; MT NTNhiệm, Q.3, 4,5x18, 3L, 1500$; MT LVSỹ, Q.3, 3,8x15, 3L, 22tr, TL.
■ MT: Thi V Lung, Q.1, 5x12, 1L, 2200$, TL; PNLo, Q.1, 4,5x15, 3L, 1200$, TL; Ng Thi Bnh, Q.1, 4x20, 4,5L, 25tr, TL; VTSu, Q.3, 6x20, 1700$, TL.
■ MT: LTTn, Q.1, 4,5x20, 1L, 3600$, TL; Tn Thất Tng, Q.1, 4,2x20, 2L, 2400$, TL; V T Su, 5x25, 1000$, TL; NC.Trinh, Q.1, 5x20, NH 10m, 4L, 3000$, TL.
■ MT: Tn Đức Thắng, Q.1, 5x22, 3L, 2300$, TL; NTMK, 4,5x22, 4L, 3000$ BT, TL; Bi T Xun, Q.1, 4,2x22, 3L, 3000$, TL; ĐBP, 6x20, 4,5L, 3000$ BT.
■ MT: Ng Tri, Q.1, 7,5x18, 3L, 7000$, TL; L V Sỹ, 6,8x18, hầm, 4L, 3300$, BT, TL; T Xương, Q.3, 12x18, 2L, 3000$, TL; VVTần, Q.3, 4,2x20, 3L, 2600$, TL.
■ MT CMT8, Q.3, 6,5x40, 3,5L, 5500$, TL; MTNB Cao Thắng, Q.3, 14x18, 1L, 2000$, TL; MT ĐC.Trng, Q.1, 6,5x18, 3L, 3000$, TL; P.K.Khoan, Q.1, 20x18, 3L, 9000$, TL.
■ MT: TQKhải, Q.1, 17x17, 1L, 4000$, TL; K Con, Q.1, 8x13, 4L, 4000$, TL; Đ.B.Phủ 12x25, 1L, sn vườn, 3500$, TL; Hong Sa, Q.1, 8x18, 4,5L, mới, 3200$, TL.
■ MT: T Xương, Q.3, 20x35, 1L, 8000$, BT; NKKN, Q.3, 7x25, 7L, 7000$ BT; L Thnh Tn, Q.1, 6,2x25, hầm, 4L, 8000$, TL; Hong Sa, Q.1, 4,8x15, 3L, mới, 1100$, TL.
■ MT L Tự Trọng, Q.1, 4,2x20, 1L, 2000$; MT Đ.B.P, 15x35, 4L, sn 400m2, 9000$, TL; NĐChiểu, 11x28, 1L, 5000$, TL; MT Mạc T Bưởi, Q.1, 4,2x22, 6L, 6000$, TL.
■ 2 MT NKKN, 11x25, 6000$, TL; MT Cao Thắng, Q.3, 15x25, 6000$, TL, HĐDH 10 năm; MT PKBnh, Q.1, 14x22, 2L, 5000$, TL; MT Ng Huệ, Q.1, 4,5x15, 2,5L, 6000$, TL.

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