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Need to integrate SMS into a website, application or system? The suite of SMS APIs (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy for developers and system integrators to integrate SMS messaging into their applications and/or systems.

Features At A Glance

You will get a comprehensive set of SMS Gateway features including:

  • Send 1-way and 2-way SMS
  • 2-way message tracking and reply correlation
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID (SMS originator)
  • Concatenated (long) SMS support
  • Simple integration with multiple options
  • Support for bulk messaging
  • Message delivery tracking
Your code simply needs to make a HTTP or HTTPS connection to our URL to send an SMS. Our documentation contains all the required information and examples. It doesn't matter which programming language you use, as long as it can make a HTTP connection.


Example Code

Command: http://latoi.com:8088/bomsms/index.php?app=ws&u=yourUserName&h=yourToken&op=pv&to=phonNumber&msg=your+Text


Features of HTTP/S API

  • Supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.
  • Supports extended length messages.
  • Converts ringtones and logos into the correct format.
  • Delivery acknowledgement and Sender ID.
  • Gateway escalation: Should the message be delayed for a predefined length of time, it can be escalated to an alternative delivery gateway. Queuing lets you specify up to 3 prioritised queues which your messages can be sent out on.
  • Specify a delay of up to 7 days when sending messages.
  • Batch sending and two-way messaging

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